Let Us Change The Way You Feel!




Let Us Change The Way You Feel!


Let us get you moving and balancing better; whilst giving you more energy.
Movement – Balance – Energy. We do what we say

We offer 1:1 personal training, or weekly (Zoom) classes for Resistance/Circuit Training. Our Clients are generally aged between 35-75 years; but we are open to all ages and people of all abilities. There are modifications to all the exercises. Asides from the strength and conditioning, we aim to enhance your agility with Pilates and Yoga moves and stretches incorporated into the classes. See our great testimonials below. MBE sessions are currently live on Zoom. Each class is 30-40 minutes which includes a warm up and a cool down .


Strengthen your core
Get you fitter
Make you happy😊
Get your whole body more toned
Give you more energy
Give you a social outlet in a fun environment
(on screen or in person!)
Give you that feel good factor!!!

The sessions include standing, moving and floor (mat) work. At some sessions we use equipment such as dumbbells, a kettlebell, a chair and resistance bands. The session plan and equipment (if any) is always posted in the dedicated Whatsapp group at least 12-hrs before!

If you are interested in improving your power; balance; agility; flexibility, and general movement, why not come see if MBE is for you?



We run SIX sessions every week for you to choose from and recommend that you do three a week to see real results in both fitness and strength.


Emma hosts Group Classes via Zoom or in person once the Government Guidelines allow. So, you can either join in a Group Class or organise your own group of 15.

1:1 personal

If you’d like a little more encouragement and some One to One personal attention you can book a set or Personal Sessions with a clear Goal that you’d like to achieve.

MARCH 2024

Resistance Training Live Zoom Training Schedule:

Mon 7.15am
Wed 7.15am
Fri 7.15am

Come join us… get more active, build your core and stamina, and look after your general well-being! For more information or to book please email us.


Emma is a natural sports woman. Having competed at a high level in lots of individual and team sports, her main sports now are sea swimming, hockey, golf and keeping fit.

Emma has followed her passion for children’s sports and regularly runs kids’ camps – click here for upcoming fixtures. She has also been competitively involved in hockey for over 30 years both as a lead player and in a coaching capacity for both juniors and adults.

Emma attended Setanta College for Strength, Conditioning and Personal Training. In 2019, she founded MBE Coaching, and this is where we are today.

Emma is passionate about helping others meet their goals in fitness and general well-being. Let her help you! There are lots of options! From 1-session a week to several group classes and personal training.


People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

Great workouts, accessible to people of all abilities from complete beginner up. I always come away feeling energised and have noticed an increase in fitness and strength over the last couple of months.

Judith O.

Emma is a wonderful teacher, encouraging and super-positive + she practices what she preaches. keep up the great work Emma – We need you!

Maurice O'C.

I have been to many of Emma’s classes and have been really impressed with the class. A fantastic workout every time!

Lizzy P.

Emma is a superb coach. We love her classes. She is very motivating and we feel energised after her sessions. The class flies by. After only a few weeks our difference in movement is really noticeable.

Alan McG.

Let Us Change How YOU Feel!

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